Since its foundation in 2000 Perspective Production Ltd (Perspective) has produced and delivered over 100 films and online content for many international and local organisations including NGOs, inter-government agencies, citizen’s groups and companies. A significant number of films were made as part of the award-winning series, “Hands On”. This ground-breaking global solutions programme which Perspective’s founder Janet Boston created, produced and delivered within the Earth Report strand for broadcast on BBC World TV provoked the largest response to any BBC World broadcast at the time with thousands of letters (!) and emails asking for information on how to adopt the different solutions.

Onward distribution saw take up by broadcasters across Africa including SABC in South Africa, KBC in Kenya and GBC in Ghana. Other broadcasters who acquired the series included NatGeo, CCTV in China and NDTV in India. Its lasting influence can be seen in Al Jazeera’s Earthrise and CNN’s Global Challenges as well as BBC’s World Challenge. Critically, the programmes inspired institutions like the World Bank and National Governments to support  some of the ideas featured and led to their transfer across countries and continents.

Other films and series produced by the Perspective team include: The Good Society a film covering stories from Jamaica, Zimbabwe and  UK premiered at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting; filming and production of the  UK and international winners of the prestigious international sustainable energy prizes, the Ashden Awards,  including those broadcast within the Climate Challenge series; “Children On the Frontline”  four  x 30 minute films featuring young people living in the aftermath of disasters made in association with Plan International;  and “Sporting Chance” a series revealing the power of sport to change lives designed as part of an international project with Channel 4 for broadcast at the time of the Olympics and Paralympics.